What if the universe is a simulation ?

In recent years, the philosophical and scientific theory that the cosmos is a simulation has gained favour. According to the hypothesis, everything in the cosmos, including the laws of physics, is a computer-generated simulation made by a highly developed society. If this hypothesis were accurate, it would significantly alter how we see reality and how … Read more

What if the world was run entirely by robots and artificial intelligence?

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) that can carry out tasks and make choices without the need for human interaction have emerged as a result of technological advances. One might envision a time in the future when robots and artificial intelligence (AI) rule the earth fully. This speculative scenario poses various issues regarding the place of … Read more

The Psychology of Spending and Saving Habits

Our psychological propensities, routines, and behaviours frequently affect how we handle money. While some people may naturally be savers, others may have a propensity for reckless spending. We can acquire insight into our own behaviours and improve our financial judgements by comprehending the psychology of spending and saving habits. Our relationship with money is a … Read more

Behavioral Finance: How Human Emotions and Biases Affect Investment Decisions

A relatively new area of research called behavioural finance integrates psychology and finance to learn more about how human emotions and biases influence financial decisions. Although human behaviour frequently veers from rationality, conventional financial theory presumes that investors are rational and always act in their best interests. This article will examine how biases and human … Read more

Impact Investing: Aligning Profits with Purpose

Growing evidence suggests that conventional investing methods may have unforeseen social and environmental effects in recent years. In order to better connect their investments with their values and effect good change, many investors are looking for new strategies. Impact investing is one strategy that is popular among investors. We will discuss impact investing in this … Read more

What if the dinosaurs never went extinct?

The world as we have today would be very different if the dinosaurs had not died out. Firstly, there would have probably been a significant change in the evolution of mammals and birds since many people think that way. It is thought that the demise of the dinosaurs opened the door for mammals and birds … Read more

What if Julius Caesar had not been assassinated?

The history of Rome and the West would have changed drastically if Julius Caesar had not been murdered. First off, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire were both ended by Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC. He probably would have kept building up his power and creating a powerful centralised government if he hadn’t been … Read more