What if the dinosaurs never went extinct?

The world as we have today would be very different if the dinosaurs had not died out.

Firstly, there would have probably been a significant change in the evolution of mammals and birds since many people think that way. It is thought that the demise of the dinosaurs opened the door for mammals and birds to become the predominate land animals. Mammals and birds may not have evolved to the same degree and the biological balance of the planet may have been different if the dinosaurs hadn’t died out.

Agriculture and food production would also be impacted by the prolonged existence of dinosaurs. Since they were herbivores, dinosaurs needed a lot of vegetation to support their populations. The supply of food for both humans and other animals may have been significantly impacted by this, possibly resulting in conflicts and competition for resources.

Technology and infrastructure would be affected by the prolonged existence of dinosaurs as well. Large, powerful creatures would have made building cities and infrastructure more challenging, and they would have had an impact on the advancement of technology and transportation.

Last but not least, culture and society would be affected by the prolonged existence of dinosaurs. These enormous, strong creatures would have caught the imaginations of people all throughout the world and may have influenced mythology, literature, and works of art.

It’s impossible to say with certainty whether people would still be pounding the ground today if dinosaurs hadn’t succumbed to that unanticipated cosmic heist. If that tragedy hadn’t happened, it’s highly possible that dinosaurs would still exist today and that we mammals would still be little, burrowing creatures that shook in terror of the terrifying lizards that stalked our continent.

Because it’s also crucial to keep in mind that seemingly little factors like modest changes in the climate or the makeup of the atmosphere can create small but significant changes in the living conditions, and while some species adapt, others deteriorate. So possibly enormous reptiles and mammals would have finally found an ecological equilibrium, and without their premature extinction, we might have developed alongside them. But the exact details of what that alternate universe might have looked and how would it function are still unknown.

Overall, our dear earth as we know it now would be very different if the dinosaurs had survived the asteroid impact possibly creating even a hybrid between the two species. The course of history may have been altered as a result of the effects on the evolution of mammals and birds, agriculture and food production, technology and infrastructure, climate change, culture, and society.

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