What if the universe is a simulation ?

In recent years, the philosophical and scientific theory that the cosmos is a simulation has gained favour. According to the hypothesis, everything in the cosmos, including the laws of physics, is a computer-generated simulation made by a highly developed society. If this hypothesis were accurate, it would significantly alter how we see reality and how the universe functions.

Every piece of computing hardware leaves a trace of its existence in the simulated world in which it is used. The speed of the CPU is this artefact. The single and unavoidable artefact of the technology supporting us in our reality, if we were to imagine for a second that we were a software programme operating on a computer, would be the processor speed. The only other laws we would encounter are those of the simulation or piece of software we are using.

First of all if the universe is a simulation we would have to assess the meaning of the physics and the dynamics of it’s interactions with complex forms of physics as well as it’s impact on life forms.

Second, if the universe is a simulation, the effort of a being changes meaning as the strive of the soul is not liberation but in turn pursuit now.

Thirdly, if the civilization more developed than us made our universe we would have to check in how to interact with them as well as establish a trade of our meaning in this simulative reality.

Finally, if the universe is a simulation, everything would have to be re-evaluated from the start and the dynamics of our interaction with the cosmos would entirely change as a whole.

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