Who is the Best Dancer in KPOP ?

The world of K-Pop is not just known for its catchy tunes and colorful music videos; it’s a realm where performance art takes center stage, bringing together vocals, visuals, and most importantly, dance. Among the plethora of talents in this industry, four names often come up in discussions about the best dancers: Lisa and Rosé from BLACKPINK, and J-Hope and Jimin from BTS. To settle the debate, we conducted a poll asking fans worldwide to vote for who they think reigns supreme on the dance floor. The results are in, and it’s time to dive deep into the dancing prowess of these four phenomenal artists.

You Decide !

To settle the longstanding debate, we turned to the fans, conducting a global poll to determine who holds the crown as K-Pop’s top dancer. Thousands cast their votes, their enthusiasm illuminating the passion that surrounds these talented artists. Now, with the results in hand, we delve into an in-depth analysis of each dancer’s unique style and contributions to the world of K-Pop.

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Lisa, the Thai-born main dancer of BLACKPINK, is renowned for her sharp and precise movements. Her ability to execute complex choreography with ease sets her apart, making her a standout performer in the K-Pop scene. Her dance style is versatile, seamlessly blending hip-hop with more graceful and fluid movements. Lisa’s stage presence is electrifying, commanding attention with every step she takes. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her solo performances, where she showcases her unique flavor and exceptional skills, leaving audiences captivated.



Rosé, also from BLACKPINK, brings a different flavor to the table. Her dance style is elegant and expressive, characterized by her ability to convey emotions through her movements. Rosé’s strength lies in her fluidity and grace, making her performances look effortless. She has a natural rhythm and a captivating stage presence that draws the audience in, creating a connection through her dance. Her versatility is showcased in BLACKPINK’s diverse discography, where she adapts her style to suit various genres and concepts.


J Hope

J-Hope from BTS is celebrated for his energetic and powerful dance style. His background in street dance is evident in his performances, where he displays an exceptional level of precision and control. J-Hope’s charisma shines through in his dance, making him a force to be reckoned with on stage. He is not afraid to take risks, often incorporating acrobatic elements into his routines. J-Hope’s commitment to his art is evident in his solo work, where he pushes the boundaries of K-Pop dance, bringing innovation and intensity to his performances.



Jimin, another member of BTS, is known for his fluid and graceful dance style. His training in contemporary dance is reflected in his ability to express complex emotions through his movements. Jimin’s strength lies in his versatility and control, allowing him to execute intricate choreography with precision and grace. His performances are emotive and captivating, showcasing a level of artistry that is unparalleled. Jimin’s dedication to his craft is evident in his constant pursuit of perfection, always striving to bring something new and breathtaking to the stage.


Choosing the best dancer among Lisa, Rosé, J-Hope, and Jimin is no easy task, as each brings a unique set of skills and style to the table. The poll results reflect the diversity of the fans’ preferences, celebrating the individual talents of these artists. Whether it’s Lisa’s electrifying hip-hop moves, Rosé’s graceful fluidity, J-Hope’s powerful precision, or Jimin’s emotive artistry, each dancer contributes significantly to the rich tapestry of K-Pop, leaving an indelible mark on the world of performance art.

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