Which BLACKPINK Member Has the Best Solo?

BLACKPINK, one of the world’s most iconic K-pop groups, has mesmerized audiences worldwide with their sensational music and performances. But what happens when these stars venture out on their own? Each member of BLACKPINK has embarked on a solo journey, showcasing their individual talents and creativity. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of BLACKPINK’s solo careers, explore their unique styles, and ultimately answer the question: Which BLACKPINK member has the best solo?

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Lisa – Money

Money as a track by Thai rapper, singer, and BLACKPINK member Lisa, hailing from her inaugural solo album, “Lalisa” (2021). This song found its way onto US contemporary hit radio through Interscope Records, emerging as the second single from the album on November 9, 2021, following its viral success. The lyrics for this track were penned by Bekuh Boom and Vince, while the musical composition came together through their collaboration with 24 and R. Tee. “Money” can be characterized as an American rap-style song set against a relaxed horn beat, featuring self-assured lyrics centered around lavish spending and opulence.

From a commercial standpoint, “Money” reached its peak at number ten on the Billboard Global 200 chart, marking Lisa’s second entry into the top ten and securing its place as the longest-charting song by a K-pop soloist on this chart. Additionally, the song clinched the top spot on Malaysia’s national chart and secured a position in the top ten in various countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Singapore, and Slovakia. Furthermore, it made notable appearances on the music charts of 26 different countries, holding the distinction of being the longest-charting song by a K-pop female soloist on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart, among others. Notably, “Money” earned recognition as the most-streamed song by both a K-pop soloist and a K-pop female artist on Spotify. Its achievements culminated in a prestigious Guinness World Record in 2023, solidifying its status as the first K-pop track by a solo artist to achieve 1 billion streams on the platform. Lastly, “Money” received gold certifications in France, Poland, and Portugal, further underscoring its commercial success and global impact.

Jennie – Solo

“Solo,” was the first ever solo release by South Korean vocalist, rapper, and BLACKPINK member Jennie. Unveiled on November 12, 2018, and distributed through YG and Interscope, the track’s creation is credited to Teddy and 24, who handled both its composition and production. In terms of musical style, “Solo” amalgamates elements of dance, pop, hip-hop, and incorporates EDM nuances. Thematically, the lyrics of the song pivot around the concept of self-reliance following the dissolution of a romantic relationship.

From a commercial perspective, “Solo” carved a triumphant path within South Korea, achieving the pinnacle of success by dominating the Gaon Digital Chart and securing the number one position on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100 for a notable two-week stretch. Beyond the domestic sphere, it marked a significant milestone in Jennie’s career, clinching the title of her first chart-topping track on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart in the United States. Moreover, “Solo” made an impactful debut on international music charts, finding its place on the charts of various countries, including Canada, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Recognizing its remarkable performance and widespread acclaim, the song earned two platinum certifications from the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA). One for exceeding sales of 2.5 million digital units and another for amassing over 100 million streams, underscoring its remarkable reception and popularity.

Jisoo – Flower

“Flower,” also known as “꽃” in Korean (RR: Kkot), stands as the introductory solo release by Jisoo, the esteemed South Korean vocalist and BLACKPINK member. This musical creation saw the light of day on March 31, 2023, emerging through YG and Interscope Records as the flagship single from her inaugural solo album, “Me.” Describing its musical essence, “Flower” can be characterized as a mid-tempo composition that skillfully melds elements of dance, pop, and trap. What sets it apart is its unique incorporation of traditional Korean melodies and subtle Caribbean influences, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with listeners. Lyrically, the song’s narrative revolves around the theme of emerging from the shadows of a toxic relationship, illustrating personal growth and resilience. The songwriting credits for “Flower” extend to Vince, Teddy, Kush, and VVN, while its musical composition was a collaborative effort between the latter two and 24, who also helmed the production.

From a commercial standpoint, “Flower” achieved notable success, reaching the coveted second position on the Billboard Global 200 chart. This achievement marked a significant milestone in Jisoo’s career as it represented her inaugural entry into the top-ten ranks on this esteemed chart. Furthermore, the song soared to the pinnacle of Billboard’s South Korea Songs chart and secured a commendable second position on the Circle Digital Chart, further attesting to its resonance with audiences.

Rosé – On the Ground

“On the Ground” serves as the maiden solo release by Rosé, a singer hailing from both Korea and New Zealand, and a prominent member of the acclaimed group BLACKPINK. This track made its debut on March 12, 2021, under the banner of YG Entertainment, positioning itself as the lead single from her inaugural solo collection, “R.” The creative minds behind the song include Rosé herself, joined by Amy Allen, Teddy, Raúl Cubina, Jon Bellion, and Jorgen Odegard, all of whom contributed to its lyrics. The production side of the song enlisted the talents of Raúl Cubina, Jon Bellion, and Jorgen Odegard, working in collaboration with Ojivolta and 24.

Sonically, “On the Ground” can be best described as a fusion of electropop, pop rock, and pop, enriched by the incorporation of synth-pop elements. Lyrically, the song beautifully narrates Rosé’s journey from her modest beginnings, singing and playing the piano in her childhood home, to her remarkable ascent to fame in South Korea, culminating in her pivotal role as a member of one of K-pop’s most renowned acts.

From a commercial standpoint, “On the Ground” enjoyed an exceptional debut, immediately claiming the top spot on both the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. US charts. This remarkable feat solidified its place in history as the first song by a Korean solo artist to achieve this distinction and also marked Rosé as the inaugural artist to reign supreme on these charts both as a soloist and as part of a group. In South Korea, the song reached its zenith at number four on the Gaon Digital Chart and secured the third position on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100. On the international stage, it etched its mark by becoming the highest-charting song by a Korean female soloist on multiple prestigious charts, including the US Billboard Hot 100, Canadian Hot 100, ARIA Singles Chart, Irish Singles Chart, and the UK Singles Chart.

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