Today, we’re diving deep into the world of rhythm and moves, featuring Lisa and Rosé from BLACKPINK, and J-Hope and Jimin from BTS. Who is the top dancer?

Jimin, known for his fluid and graceful movements, adds a touch of contemporary dance to K-Pop. His ability to express complex emotions through dance captivates audiences worldwide.

J-Hope brings an energetic and powerful dance style to the stage. His background in street dance is evident, as he performs with exceptional precision and charisma

Rosé, whose dance style is characterized by elegance and expressive movements. She brings emotion to the stage, connecting with the audience through her graceful and fluid dances.

Lisa, BLACKPINK’s main dancer, known for her sharp, precise movements and versatile dance style. From hip-hop to graceful choreography, Lisa commands the stage with electrifying energy.

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Who do you think is the best ?

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