4 Must-Have Diwali Graphics for Every K-Pop Fan !


This Diwali, immerse yourself in a world where the vibrant beats of K-pop meet the luminous splendor of the Festival of Lights. We’re thrilled to introduce a unique collection of Diwali graphics, designed especially for K-pop enthusiasts. From the heartwarming charm of BTS to the dynamic allure of BLACKPINK, our exclusive graphics are a must-have for fans seeking to add a K-pop twist to their Diwali festivities.


At the heart of our collection lies a celebration of cultures – the traditional essence of Diwali entwined with the modern vibrancy of K-pop. It’s a blend that resonates with the spirit of both occasions, symbolizing joy, unity, and the triumph of light. Whether you’re decking up your home, sending out festive greetings, or just looking to add a touch of fandom to your Diwali decor, these graphics are your perfect companion.

Chibi Jungkook Holding Diya

Chibi jungkook

Embrace the Diwali spirit with Chibi Jungkook, radiating warmth and joy as he holds a traditional diya. This graphic is a delightful nod to BTS’s golden maknae, capturing his charm in a festive light. It’s perfect for ARMYs seeking to showcase their adoration in a culturally rich and celebratory way.

Lisa from Blackpink with Diya

DALL·E 2023-11-02 20.58.00 - A chibi illustration of a female K-Pop idol designed to look like Lisa from BLACKPINK with shorter hair, holding a diya. She is adorned in a stylish, (1)

Illuminate your festivities with the grace and style of BLACKPINK’s Lisa. In this graphic, Lisa, adorned in festive attire, holds a glowing diya, symbolizing the fusion of K-pop flair with Diwali’s timeless elegance. A must-have for Blinks who wish to celebrate Diwali with a touch of K-pop glamour.

Jungkook and Lisa Together

DALL·E 2023-11-02 20.52.13 - A chibi-style illustration of a female K-Pop idol inspired by Lisa from BLACKPINK and a male K-Pop idol inspired by Jungkook from BTS, standing close (1)

When the worlds of BTS and BLACKPINK collide, the result is nothing short of magical. This graphic features Jungkook and Lisa together, sharing a diya, a beautiful representation of unity and the harmonious blend of different cultures. It’s a celebration of fandoms coming together, mirroring the inclusive spirit of Diwali.

Solo Jungkook with Diwali Vibes

Experience Diwali through the eyes of Jungkook with this exclusive graphic. It portrays him in a festive mood, a tribute to both the festival’s joyous aura and the uplifting energy of BTS. This piece is ideal for fans who want to sprinkle a bit of BTS magic onto their Diwali celebrations.


As the Diwali lamps start to glow, let these K-pop inspired graphics illuminate your celebration with an extra sparkle. They’re more than just images; they’re a fusion of your passions and the festive spirit. Perfect for anyone looking to blend their love for K-pop with the joyous traditions of Diwali, these graphics are sure to brighten up your festival in the most delightful way.

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