Last Minute Zero Budget Halloween Costumes !

SCARECROW Wear old clothes with patched patterns and add straws to your clothes ends and apply basic makeup

SUPERMAN A red cape, blue clothes and an underwear with a superman logo and you're good to go. Remove the underwear and wear a formal dress if you wanna be Clark Kent !

CAT Make cardboard ears, use eyeliner to make whiskers and wear all black to be a Black cat !

MIME ARTIST You just need Face Paint and a funny imagination.

CHARLIE CHAPLIN Black and white formals, hat, stick and an a moustache. Use either paint or eyeliner.

THE NERD Glasses, books and some unusual pants is all you need.

ROBBER Black clothes and a Black Mask and rob all the Halloween attention to yourself.

TOURIST Get a Backpack, a camera and that uncanny visitor look !

WITCH Get a big hat and just draw the spooky lines on your face !

CLASSIC GHOST Get a white bed sheet and make two eye holes and boom you're a ghost !