Halloween is a day set aside for honoring the deceased. The old Celtic customs are the source of this widely observed celebration in America and portions of Europe.

Not only is Halloween closely related to All Saints Day, but it is also thought to have originated from a 2000-year-old Celtic feast. The first day of November was observed as the Celtic New Year, with Halloween falling on October 31 as New Year's Eve.

During the 1840s potato famine, a surge of Irish immigrants brought the festival to America.

On the other hand, trick or treating first appeared in the latter part of the 1930s. Inspired by English and Irish customs, Americans went door to door dressed in costume, pleading for money or food.

Upon their arrival in America, the Irish immigrants found that pumpkins had become the new symbol of Halloween.

As time has passed, Halloween has grown in significance and is now celebrated in many European and American countries.